Looking for a reliable and popular online dating app? You might want to consider the Tinder app as one of your top choices. Developed by Tinder Inc., this application is considered as a social networking, matchmaking, dating, and social discovery particularly useful for people in the age of smartphones and tablet computers. It is a tool for finding romance through the Internet, with the help of a portable electronic device.

Main Functions and Features

Tinder App

Tinder is a well-praised dating application for iOS and Android devices. Many in the media and a number of actual users commend it for its realistic approach to online dating. This realistic approach is based on the typical way people find potential dates. Tinder without Facebook account before it allows a user to create an account. Through the Facebook account and location information, sets of possible dates are presented to a user. Users of Tinder look at profiles and faces to decide whether they are interested in them or not. A simple swipe to the left is like saying “no” while a swipe to the right means a “yes” (being interested in the person). Ignoring other Tinder users (swiping to the left) is done anonymously so users shouldn’t worry about offending anyone.

The Facebook requirement is intended to minimize the number of fake profiles in the system. Also, it helps users in determining whether or not the Tinder account is a real one. In most cases, the activities and data of Tinder users on Facebook are reflective of their personalities and inclinations. Of course, not everything about a person can be contained in a Tinder profile. Having an associated Facebook account definitely helps.

As a dating app, Tinder ensures that only those who express mutual interest are allowed to communicate or chat. This means that the chatting facility is only enabled if both parties “liked” each other. A welcome feature, this helps prevent undesirable users from contacting just anyone they like. This is a convenient way of filtering date options and making sure that users will not be wasting their time dealing with people they are unlikely to like.

Tinder also comes with a Matchmaker feature. This allows users to create matches among other Tinder users they are acquainted with. Replicating real-life dating experiences indeed—Tinder enables everyone to have an active role in creating romantic opportunities not just for themselves but also for friends and acquaintances.

Target Demographic

Men and women from ages 18 to 35 who speak English are the main target users of Tinder. The app is also said to put an age limit of 50 for all its users. This is not something that is strictly being enforced though. Not many seniors or over-50’s are likely to resort to Tinder to find a date or new romance. The app focuses on college students, professionals, and those in their mid-thirties who are still in search for the love of their life. At present, Tinder is enjoying a high level of popularity in the United States, in the United Kingdom, and in some other English speaking countries.

Different Versions

The Android version of Tinder only requires a very small storage space as the installer is only around 6.1 MB. It works for Android version 2.2 and up. The iOS version, on the other hand, is relatively big as it is nearby double the size of its Android counterpart. It is optimized for the iPhone 5 but it works on other iOS devices (iPad and iPod) that run iOS 6.0 or later.

User Feedback

Tinder is one of the highly-rated dating apps in both the Android and iOS platforms. Most users are satisfied with its performance. It is also one of the more popular dating apps for both Android and iOS devices. The Tinder application has been downloaded in between 1 million to 5 million times—proving just how many are satisfied with it. Gripes or complaints from users are rather uncommon and not really critical to make Tinder less than appealing.